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Broadcaster Checklist ‹ Leaders Church

Broadcaster Checklist

  1. Open Adobe Media Live Encoder. (Red Icon Pinned to Taskbar)
    1. Click File – Open Profile
    2. Go to Desktop
    3. Click Leaders Church 2
    4. Click OK.
    5. This will set the Encoder to the Settings for Leaders Church
    6. Click on Connect on the Right Side
    7. When Ready Click on the green Start button at the bottom.
    8. You must complete all of these steps before you access the broadcaster.
  2. Go To Broadcaster Tab
  3. Enter Password
  4. The Broadcaster will Automatically Take the Settings from the Encoder
    1. If the Broadcaster is asking permission to connect to your media devices, refresh the page, enter the password, and the encoder will load into thebroadcaster automatically.
  5. Click Start Broadcast at the beginning of the service
  6. Click Start Record at the beginning of the Sermon

NOTE: You must stop recording before you stop broadcasting or you may lose your recording.

  1. Click Stop Recording at the end of the sermon
  2. Click Save to save the recording
    1. Enter the Title
    2. Description: Enter the Description
    3. Tag: Leaders Church
  3. Click Stop Broadcasting at the end of the service
  4. Click Stop on the Adobe Media Live Encoder
  5. Click Disconnect on the Adobe Media Live Encoder
  6. Close all Windows.